We offer many opportunities for packaging and presentation of our products to facilitate handling and optimize the production process.

Bolster Trading offers many services always following the highest standards of efficiency and food safety.

Our services

We get the product that best meets your needs at all times. We share your goals of continuous improvement in the appearance and functionality of your products, facilitating the production process to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

2. Custom solutions

4. Presentation possibilities

We propose logistics solutions from the experience of our operators, accelerating delivery times and optimizing cost efficiency with specialized vehicles for liquid and powder presentations within the peninsula and outside with maritime transport.

3. Logistical options

Bolster Trading provides a wide range of additives, ingredients and services from first class suppliers in quality and food safety.

1. Wide range of products

We facilitate your choice with pre-defined tests and product acquisition through a rapid delivery system.

5. Previous testing