Bolster Trading sells additives and ingredients for the food industry. Connecting supply and demand creating new business opportunities for our customers, acting as an extension of its Technical and Procurement Teams in the design of products and services tailored to their needs at all times. To achieve this we work in partnership with our Suppliers Technical Teams with whom we share values ​​and objectives.

About us

We will create new business opportunities by adding distinctive value to our customers consistently through access to new suppliers with the highest standards of quality and food safety, product development tailored to their needs and increase their competitiveness by optimizing our operational efficiency through continued cost management and excellent logistics with specialized operators.


Marketing of food additives and ingredients with high quality and safety standards for the production of more nutritious, wholesome and appealing food, that exceeds the expectations of consumers. Generate significant added value to our clients, an open and professional collaboration with our suppliers and develop opportunities for our employees.


Objectives of Bolster Trading

  1. 1.Provide access to new providers, expanding its range of products and available services.

  2. 2.Being an extension of the customer's Procurement and Technical Teams to provide options that will lead to an optimization of the production process, increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

  3. 3.Ensure the quality and safety of our products through a strict selection of suppliers.

  1. 4.Create product-service solutions that add disctintive value constantly and dynamicly adapting to the changing needs.

  2. 5.Provide logistics solutions tailored to your needs working with professional logistics operators.

  3. 6.Get full compliance by the customer of the suitability of the product-service proposal offered prior to purchase.